Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Welcome to Triathlon Club!

The Dutchman Triathlon Club is an organized club dedicated to the educational pursuit of triathlon, physical fitness, friendship among a team atmosphere, and representation of the sport of triathlon within the Hope College community and West Michigan.

Club membership is open to any individual who shares in the common purpose of the Dutchman Triathlon Club. This group has been formed to keep people physically active, make friends, and to compete in the sport of triathlon while enjoying the outdoors, the good company, and the escape from the classroom.

All levels of experience are welcome! The Dutchman Triathlon Club strives to educate new triathletes on the basics of the sport while building on those skills by offering opportunities for group training and conditioning along with the awareness of triathlon competitions throughout the year.

What We Do: The Dutchman Triathlon Club selects a fun triathlon in which to compete, usually during the Spring semester. In the past, we have competed in places such as South Carolina, Missouri, and Virginia. E-mail us at to be included in our e-mail list and receive updates about when we will be competing!


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